We offer a range of services in water and dam engineering. These services are:


Dam Engineering

Dam engineering is the primary focus of our business. We form the nucleus of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to undertake the planning, design and construction of various types of structures to store, regulate or deliver water and/or power. The water resource development component includes elements such as water supply, flood control, water storage and for recreational purposes.

Our approach is based on a systems engineering one: the rigors of quality engineering for different dam types incorporating innovation to address the challenges posed by local conditions. The approach is holistic in nature and aims to address a range of aspects including factors such as social acceptability and environmental compliance.

Our capability extends to the design and upgrade as well as rehabilitation and safety of dams across the following types of dams:  Earth and rock fill dams;  Concrete dams; Roller compacted dams; Weirs.

Hydrological Studies

Hydrology is the assessment of the amount and quality of water being stored or conveyed on the land surface, and in soils and rocks near the surface. In a specific catchment, the hydrological response is a result of factors such as: climate, vegetation, soils, land use and drainage.

Using a combination of topographical information, site investigations, hydrological data, geological information, flow surveys, rainfall data and related data, our engineers and technicians assess the flows in watercourses and drainage systems to provide updated models for use in the outputs for various hydrological studies.


These being: Rainfall analysis; Catchment flows; Watercourse hydraulics; Flood risk assessments; Overland flow/runoff assessments


Municipal Engineering Services

Municipal engineering services in this instance relates to the following services:

1. Water Supply
2. Sanitation Services
3. Roads

The municipal engineering services are delivered with various associate professional relevant to the particular discipline.


A key component of undertaking the rehabilitation of a dam, or building a new one is doing a land survey of the area. As this is such an integral service to our primary work of dam engineering, we have developed and currently growing an in-house capability. For this we have invested in a range of equipment to provide a professional service.

This service is available to other disciplines as and when needed.



With the increasing need to ensure that personnel are well skilled to execute their tasks effectively and efficiently, we have developed a training solution in dam engineering. This focuses on various components of basic training for an understanding of the discipline, this being: Basic Dam Design; Legislation on Dams; Dam Safety; Operations and Maintenance of Dams, and Rehabilitation of Dams.

The current training module is a 3 day, 3 CPD accredited course and has a practical component to it. We are in the process of developing further courses, which would dovetail with the one.

Bulk Water Infrastructure

The need and points of water use is normally not close to where water can be abstracted from various water bodies or water courses. This mismatch in location normally requires the implementation of bulk water infrastructure to ensure these needs are met.

Depending on how large the intended bulk water infrastructure to be implemented is, we have the capability to muster teams of professionals from our network of associates to undertake various sizes of works. Our focus in this instance is the engineering components for the dam or weir, pump stations, balancing dams/reservoirs and the project management component.

Bulk water infrastructure normally requires various systems to ensure a reliable set of infrastructure components to deliver water sustainably, namely:


Dam or weir | Low lift and high lift pump stations |De-silting facilities | Pipeline(s) | Balancing dams or reservoirs | Electrical and electronic infrastructure

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