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Hydrological Studies

Hydrology is the assessment of the amount and quality of water being stored or conveyed on the land surface, and in soils and rocks near the surface.


Dam Engineering

Dam engineering is the primary focus area of our business. We form the nucleus of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to undertake the planning, …


Bulk Water Infrastructure

The need and points of water use is normally not close to where water can be abstracted from various water bodies or water courses. This discrepancy in…


Municipal Engineering Services

Municipal engineering services in this instance relates to the following services: Water Supply, Sanitation Services and Roads



A key component of undertaking the rehabilitation of a dam, or building a new one is doing a land survey of the area.



With the increasing need to ensure that personnel are well skilled to execute their tasks effectively and efficiently,…


About PG Consulting

PG Consulting (Pty) Ltd is an engineering consultancy, focused on water and dam engineering disciplines. We provide a complete engineering service from design, through construction management to support with operations and maintenance of dams and water infrastructure.

Water, is a key resource, and it is the life blood to our existence and daily activities. To make water available we need to develop this resource wisely. Our role, as an engineering firm is to ensure that this is done prudently from the time when we were established in May 2004.

The principal of the company, Pieter Gouws, is a seasoned dam engineer, who is passionate about dams.

This embodiment of passion drives us to be committed to a quality professional service that is affordable and focuses on the needs of our Clients.

Our Clients are both private companies and individuals, as well as public organisations.

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